The Truth about the Divorce Rate

Here’s a short blurb from a cute book that made me smile on the inside.

The blurb is from a book called “Stupid History” by Leland Gregory currently available for free in the Kindle bookstore. The gist of the book is pointing out all of the places that our history books have gotten it wrong based on popular myth or just out-and-out lack of research.

One Half of All Marriages End in Divorce

This statistic is the ace in the hole when it comes to showing the moral decay of our times – politicians us it, preachers use it, marriage counselors use it – but statistically speaking, it’s useless. This figure is derived by taking the number of marriages per year and comparing it to the number of divorces per year. And since there are nearly half as many divorces as marriages, people conclude that half of all marriages end in divorce. This statistic would be correct if everyone married only once and divorced only once, but thanks to the Larry Kings and Elizabeth Taylors of the world, things just don’t add up. The actual number of marriages that end in divorce is closer to 1 in 4, or 25 percent.

First of all, SHEESH! You’d think that someone would have double checked their logic on this one. It’s easy to see why it spread though. It’s a nifty stat, and if you heard someone you trusted saying it then you would assume that it was true and therefore safe to repeat.

The thing that makes me smile though is that it’s nice to see that we’re not quite as sorry a lot as we’ve been made out to be. The fact of the matter is that marriage is hard. I think that after years of preaching and book writing on the topic most people have finally come to that conclusion. That being said, working for a living is hard too, and we manage to do that successfully. It doesn’t make sense that the divorce rate wouldn’t come back into line as people are more prepared for what awaits them after the honeymoon.


So I’m happy to learn that the number is closer to 25% than 50%. It’s amazing how many people are able to get married three or four times. You’d think the second divorce would serve as a pretty big warning label, but as always love blind (and lust always likes what it sees).

For those of you out there in the 75% who are still working hard at it. Congratulations and thank you. And for those of you who have made a mistake and learned from it, congratulations to you too. But to those of you who continue to delude yourself and drive the divorce rate up in this country I only have one thing to say…



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  1. I’m not seeing how this statistic is incorrect – if a person marries and divorces multiple times, the result is still several marriages each ending in divorce. I understand if you were to clarify that the statistic is that one in two marriages ending in divorce doesn’t mean that 50% of people who get married get divorced, but the statistic itself is accurate.

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