Immigrants and the Greatness of America

It’s appropriate to take some time today and reflect on our country. I really enjoyed these statements from another blog and have linked to the full article at the bottom of the page.

This is the principal thing that makes America great in my mind. Our founders believed that all men were created equal, and that their individual unalienable rights were granted to them by God and not by the government. Thus the role of government is to protect individual rights, not to define them. And America’s government – though fallen far from the ideal envisioned by its founders – does this far better than any other government in the history of mankind.

America IS great – and cultural relativism be damned. There is objective evidence to that fact. As such we, as Americans, have a right to be proud of our country. We don’t need our President to go on “apologia” tours or to apologize for leading the world to liberty. We’ve got it right. Those immigrants flocking to our shores can’t all be wrong – Can they?

America is about opportunity. That’s why people from all over the world still want to make their way here. That’s why dictators and power hungry regimes across the world try to teach their followers to hate us. They are afraid that if they don’t convince their children that we are a horrible, evil place then their children will be seduced by our way of life and want to come for themselves.

We aren’t perfect, but we are not evil either, not by nature. We are seductive though. We offer people the chance to work hard and earn a fair living for themselves, even a luxurious living compared to most places. This is the way it’s supposed to work. This is why the United States is great. Look around you at the small business owners in America today. Slowly but surely the demographic is moving away from the wealthy upper and middle class people that you would expect. Instead it’s the Asian immigrants owning and running salons. It’s the Indian immigrants running small restaurants and donut shops. They are willing to take the risk and put the time and effort in to make those ventures successful, because they understand how much better that life is than the opportunities they had in their home countries. Even better, this is just the start for them. Their children will grow up in our schools, they will not be poor, they will learn the value of money and they will have the chance to go to college and become the next wave of skilled professionals. They will have this opportunity based on the hard work and risk that their parents have put in.

That’s the amazing thing about America. That’s why we are great. Because we are one of the only places where that can happen. It seems that those of us who were born and raised here have forgotten that somehow. We no longer seem to understand the hard work that our parents and grandparents put in to earn their way in the world. Instead, all we see are the results, the good living. We expect the good life for ourselves, but we haven’t put the work in. Not only that, but we aren’t brave enough to take the real risks like our immigrant neighbors. As a result, we may find ourselves lagging behind them in our schools and careers. What then? If the trend holds true, then we’ll be asking for a handout and expecting someone to take care of us.

That’s not what our forefathers did. They understood the great risk that they took when they declared independence and formed our nation. We should take a lesson from them. America is great for those who want to be great and are willing to work for it. If we can’t learn it from our forefathers then maybe we can learn it from our new neighbors who haven’t been here very long. They seem to understand the American Dream long after we’ve woken up and found that we’ve forgotten it.

Be Blessed!


Link: America Is Great

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  1. Hard wprk and perseverence beat entitlement every time. Good post.

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