My Thoughts on the Casey Anthony Verdict

This is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and write since hearing the Casey Anthony verdict. I’m appalled and questioning the effectiveness of our judicial system. Where is the common sense? For 12 jurors to agree that Casey Anthony was not guilty of anything more than lying to police is absolutely asinine. Let’s start right there. Common sense question – when and why do people lie? Answer – they lie when they have done something wrong that they don’t want people to know about it. Why? Because they are trying to stay out of trouble. That’s point 1 in the argument for guilt. If you aren’t guilty then there is nothing to lie about.

Anthony partying after baby's death

Let’s peel that back a little further and look at what else she was doing after the poor child went ‘missing’. We already know that she was hiding the situation. She was doing her best to make it seem like everything was fine. Instead of calling the police like any normal person she went in the opposite direction. She went out and partied instead. Why would she do that? Everyone in the world knows she’s a pathological liar at this point, but it doesn’t look like she’s stupid. So what goal could she have by going out and partying? It looks to me that it was a tactic meant to establish plausible deniability. After all, who would go out partying if they thought their baby was missing? By going out like she did it made it seem like she couldn’t have known the baby was missing at all. I have to wonder if this is one of the things the jury couldn’t get past.

The thing that I can’t get past personally is the fact that even a bad mother would know relatively quickly that their baby was missing. Every single thing she did to throw people off the trail, to obscure justice and obfuscate the truth is a screaming indictment of guilt. These are things that you do not do if you are innocent and have had nothing to do with the death of your daughter.

Of course we all know it gets worse. There is the issue of premeditation. Let’s play a game that I’m going to name ‘fill in the gap’. You fill in the gap. Step 1, a person does internet searches on making chloroform – GAP – baby is dead and chloroform was used to incapacitate her. What goes in the gap? I’ll tell you, it’s the part where the person searching for making chloroform brews up a batch to use on the baby. How difficult is that? It is nonsensical to think this is coincidental.

What else… gosh I don’t know, how about the fact that the body was dumped unceremoniously into the woods to rot and decompose. Is this something that you can allow to happen as a mother if the death was accidental? It’s impossible right? But it happened.

Baez throwing the jury off the scent

That brings me to the last thing, the thing that drives me craziest of all. All you truly had to do to establish the guilt of Casey Anthony was to analyze the defense tactics. The defense had nothing they could do to truly refute the evidence and facts of the case. Everything pointed to Casey. So what did they do? They tried to create as many possible scapegoats as possible with the hope that by throwing so much shit against the wall that maybe just maybe something would stick.

There wasn’t a single logical counter case made by the defense. The evidence did not support any of their claims. Common sense did not support any of their claims. They didn’t even have a leather glove. If Casey was truly innocent then the defense would have been spectacularly easy. Why? Because she wouldn’t have done all of the things above that establish her as the guilty party.

I’m done. I won’t talk about this one again. I’m just disgusted. I think the thing that disgusts me most of all is the fact that Casey Anthony is going to make a living off of this. She is going to charge for talk show appearances and write a book or two and make a fortune. She’s going to look back on killing her daughter as the best thing that she ever did. That’s what bothers me most of all.

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  1. Jeez, I hadn’t thought about the fortune she’s going to make. You are so, so right.

  2. That really is the part that hurts the most about this to me. Not only has she gotten away with it, but she’ll be rewarded for it.

  3. Totallly Agree. The jury was swayed by the photos & home videos…tell me who doesn’t smile & act all cheery for the camera?? Naturally she is going to spread on the “Oh how much I love my child”. I have always thought she killed Caylee the night she and Cindy got in to the knock down, drag out argument. I think Caylee would not stop crying for Grandma and Grandpa and she was insane with rage and killed the child and was totally happy with her new freedom.

  4. You’ve hit the nail! These were similar thoughts that were going through my mind when I heard the verdict. I am disgusted by the fact that she is “not guilty” and that she is still roaming among the public. She took her baby’s life; how the hell does she deserve to be free? She knows what she did, and she has to live with this for the rest of her life. What disgusts me is her attitude. Absolutely atrocious, and downright terrifying.

  5. Regardless of your opinion, or mine, the evidence was missing to convict for anything more than being a trashy human being. Neither of us know how the child died, when, or under what circumstances the mother was involved or to what degree. The jury got it right and they also agonise over the truth virsus the almost obvious involvement of the family in the crime, but what was the crime? Murder or accidental death? Those of you who think you know better remember that you could be the next to be hung in error by vigilantes!

  6. Thanks for your comment Katman, I disagree with you but I still respect your opinion. Thanks for reading.

  7. What seems to be missing here, America, is the idea of what fundamentally insures that each of us can never be tried and convicted in a court based on circumstantial evidence—the rule of law. That 12 people decided, based on evidence they were informed of, that you or I are not knowledgeable of, or will never know, is what separates our system from other judicial systems. You would prefer, I assume, to live in a society where “feelings on ones’ guilt” were enough to arrest and then convict? I may not agree with a verdict of guilt or innocence in all circumstances, but I applaud those 12 who were correct in not convicting based on the prosecutions poor attempt at plausibility. Unless you were there at her death, you cannot presume to know what happened and why. The rule of law is there for your protection as well as others…let if forever be so! And to say that only the guilty end up in prison is ludicrous, if you get my drift.

  8. You claim that the jury was swayed by “photos and home movies” to grant her innocence, while you were ironically swayed by the biased coverage of Nancy Grace and others of her guilt.

    Being a bad person isn’t a crime. rik is dead on.

    • Hi Greg. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your comment. I’m afraid you have me pegged incorrectly. I can’t stand Nancy Grace and the type of shoes that mimic her style. I believe that the difference between the jurors and myself boils down to the fact that I don’t need photographic evidence of something to believe it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

  9. my name is kyra.I was watching a movie on lifetime about the Casey Anthony court …this is what I think …..THAT BITCH NEED TO BURN IN HELL…… the duck can you have a 3 or 2 year girl missing for 31days…….even if you said she have drown you would have call the police because you had nothing to do with the drown instead you put her in the trash bag and leave …….than the fucking studied part is dat she went out and had a ball IN THE SAME WEEK……some people feel so sorry for casey dat they’ve forgot the lit th or girl who dead on this2013 dat she would have been dead for 6 years.on this 1 20 2013

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