My Busy Week

Hi guys,

Very sorry I didn’t have a post prepared for you this weekend. It’s been quite a week. This started last weekend when my wife and I spent our Sunday afternoon pulling up the bushes in front of our house that we both hated. We had an idea for a rock garden to go a little more contemporary. As we were doing it we realized that it really made sense to extend it around the corner. Of course this meant more digging and raking, but we got it done.

Then Monday we got sidetracked from our plans because it looked like Hurricane Irene was bearing down on us. We spent the evening shopping for key essentials and making sure we were in good shape in case we lost power for an extended period of time. Thank God that we didn’t have to deal with that. I didn’t enjoy the last tropical storm that blew through a few years back and I’m not looking forward to living through a hurricane.

On Tuesday I realized that I was coming down with something. I developed a sore throat during the day which gave way to a lot of congestion at night. As a result I missed my workout and was out of commission on Wednesday as well. On Thursday we were glad to see that Irene was heading a different direction so it was time to buy our materials for the rock garden. Never underestimate the energy it takes to lift 46 ten to fifteen pound stones and 26 fifty pound bags of marble chips. Especially never underestimate it when you have to move them from the shelf to the cart, then the cart to the truck, then the truck to the garage. The marble chips were over 1,000 pounds alone each time

Since we had company coming over this weekend Friday seemed like the best day to do the work. But first I had to rearrange our living room. We were having groups of 15 and 16 coming over, so I broke the sectional apart and moved it against the wall and then brought out 2 tables and a desk to transform our living room into a meeting space. Then I went outside and started digging small trenches around the area to fit the paving stones in that we decided to use for our border. We turned them on their sides so that they would stand firm but still appear to be a traditional border. Edith got home as I was finishing up and we did the rest together. I have to admit, it looks amazing. I’ll have to take a picture of it later and update it this post with it.

That was the end of the real work. You may be wondering why in the world I had 2 large groups come over this weekend. Two words for you: Fantasy Football. We held two drafts, one auction and one standard. The leagues are 8 and 13 years old respectively and are each loads of fun. For the last 12 years we’ve been on infringing on our friends Kevin and Judy for their hospitality and this year it was time to move to a different local. My spot seemed like the most central and most likely to hold the group.

I love the drafts. No matter how bad my teams end up doing year after year I still have fun running my mouth and giving people a hard time for their decision making under the gun :-). This year I feel good about my teams…again. Which obviously means I’m doomed to another year of mediocrity. Que Sera Sera.

So, I said all of that to let you know why I didn’t take the time to write. Next week I’ll be posting a blog on one of two topics, I haven’t decided yet. It will either be an inspection of dominance as a personality trait or an exploration of the process that influences the growth of wisdom in the well aged. Not sure which I’ll be doing yet, but I hope to do both this month.

Best wishes to everyone impacted by the storm this week.

Be Blessed


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