New Year’s Resolution

Hi folks. Today’s article is going to be a little bit different from the norm. The articles posted on this blog are typically focused on you, the readers. They are written with the hope that they will motivate you to identify personal opportunities for growth and push you to take action steps in those directions. The personal examples that I give are not meant to put me on any kind of pedestal. If you’ve been reading for a while I’m certain that you’ve come to the conclusion that I struggle with things just as much as the next guy.

That’s exactly what my personal new year’s resolution is about, my own personal struggles. Quite simply, my resolution is a prayer to God about refocusing me, reestablishing my purpose in my heart and guiding me to the places that he wants to be. I’m making it public because I’ve found that this blog has morphed into a kind of accountability partner for me. Sometimes I’ll find myself in a situation where my easiest choice will be to do something that runs counter to the things that I’ve espoused as right and good in my writing. When that happens I always find myself extremely motivated by what I’ve written to stay true to myself and avoid the label of hypocrisy. Accountability is a marvelous thing for people who want to improve things. I’m hoping that my public prayer will motivate me and hold me accountable when I want to give in to laziness or think about taking the easy way out as we move through 2012.

That’s what this is, a prayer for my future and for the lives of the people that I’m meant to impact. I just realized that this is going to give you a direct insight into how I pray. You might find it a little more conversational than you’re used to hearing. That’s just what I’ve found is most natural for me. I guess you could say this is my own personal Psalm. God bless!


Hi God,

Another year behind us. I hope that I accomplished the major things that You wanted this year. I know I didn’t accomplish all of them. Sometimes during 2011 I found myself feeling so directionless. The Bible says that You’ll be a lamp to my feet and that You will light up a pathway for me. I looked high and low for that path at some points but just couldn’t find it. I know that it’s my fault. That path is lit up just like a landing strip at an airport but I can’t see it.

You’re standing there, calling me, pointing at the path, but my own actions and inaction make me blind. It’s like there is a dark black blanket being held between us sometimes. It’s frustrating to me because I know exactly what causes it, but I don’t always step to the plate and do something about it. I don’t spend the time praying that I need to. I spend even less time reading Your word and meditating on it. I’m not doing the things that I need to do to build strong connections to You.

Instead, I live in the world. I focus on my baseball leagues or my writing or my work and use them as excuses for why I’m not connecting with You. The joke is on me though. The blanket I mentioned earlier is my own sin, my own relationship with the world that eventually blinds me to You. If my connections were strong then they would prevent it from happening. That’s what You tell us to do, that’s how You tell us to live, but I haven’t done it like I should and as a result I end up wasting parts of my life, directionless. Worse than that, I feel like the things that I missed may have been building blocks, meaning that I’m going to fail to accomplish something important in the future because I wasn’t in sync with You throughout the year.

I don’t want that. I have my dreams. I have my plans but they are all fickle. My dreams shift all the time and the plans shift along with them. If I rely on those they won’t get me where I want to go. But I know You will. If I build strong bonds with You and see the path that you’re lighting up for me then I will accomplish more than I ever dreamed. That’s what I want Lord. At the end of my life I want to look back on it, confident that I did the things that You planned for me and confident that I made the impact that I wanted to make.

I can’t do that alone. I’ve tried countless times; you know how headstrong I am. I need You. I want Your will to be done in my life. That is the only thing that I have confidence in. Please give me the strength Lord. You already have a place in my heart Father, but I want more. I open myself to you. Please fill me up from the bottom of my feet to the crown of my head I want to be filled by You. I want to hear Your whispers like a shout. I want Your light to be so bright that I have to wear welding goggles to keep from going blind. That way it’s easy for me to see the path and to live the life that You planned for me.

I know what I have to do on my end Lord. I need to read my Bible every day. More than read it, I need to study it. I need to look at it and put myself in people’s shoes so that I understand what was really happening. I need Your word to sink into me so that it will fill my thoughts when temptation strikes and when the devil challenges me. I need to do this Father and I need to pray. I can’t just wait until something happens and it occurs to me that a prayer would be good. I need to pray all of the time, not just for myself, but for everybody in my life. I need to pray for my leaders, my office, and my government. I need my prayer to set things in motion so that great things can be accomplished.

There’s a demon in the Bible that your disciples could not cast out. You cast it out and told them that this kind of demon could only be cast out through prayer. I don’t want to be a disciple who follows you but does not have the power to do what you do Father. I want to be strong in my faith and in my prayer.

That’s my resolution for 2012 Father. I want to be more like you. I resolve that I will read my Bible and that I will pray father. I resolve to build the bonds between us so that I can see you and hear you. I resolve to do what you instruct when I hear it. I love you Father and I give you praise. Hallelujah.

Thank you Father.


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