Colorado Movie Massacre

I woke up this morning to the news about the massacre at the theater in Aurora Colorado. 12 people lost their lives last night for no reason. 71 more individuals are injured for no reason. This morning as I watched the coverage while getting ready for work I had a horrible feeling that I knew why this happened. I was convinced in my heart that this tragedy was the work of deranged person who was emulating the very same villains that are featured in Batman. I thought for sure that this person would turn out to be an anarchist, someone who wants to break down the order of society and create chaos. I thought that it would be likely that it was someone who was imitating Bane, the specific criminal featured in the current movie.

Holmes should get something worse than the death penalty.

When I got home I found that I was right, almost. James Holmes, the murderer responsible for this event, had dyed his hair red and told the police he was “The Joker” according to multiple sources. That sounds right; he broke in and threw tear gas canisters into the crowd before opening fire in a chaotic manner. Most telling I think is that he didn’t kill himself. This wasn’t an angst-ridden person who wanted to punish his perceived persecutors. This was a person who wanted to experience the event exactly like the character he was emulating would have experienced it.

I can’t begin to describe how sickened I am by this. Killing for enjoyment? This feels like a new kind of evil, exactly the kind of evil featured in our favorite movies and stories. What is so frustrating about this is that the difference between fiction and reality. In stories and in movies those killed or hurt don’t have real families. They don’t have people waiting for them to get home; they don’t have families who have invested their lives in their children, siblings and parents. That’s what hurts the most about this situation.

That is the part of this that makes my throat choke up and makes my eyes water. It’s the stories like the teenage girls who had to call their mother and tell her that their father was killed next to them. It’s the stories like that of the young reporter who was trying to make her way in the world or the airmen from the local air-force base who are expected dead. The thought of raising a child for 20 something years, pouring myself into them, only to lose them to a murderer who killed them for enjoyment makes me sick.

This is the kind of criminal that makes me want to create new punishments to use in place of the death penalty that are longer lasting and more painful.

My heart is with the victims and the families and friends of those victims. I pray that you will mourn in a healthy manner and that you will come to know some measure of peace as time goes on. Most of all, I pray that you benefit from the love and sympathy that the rest of the country has for you right now and that your cries for justice are heard and this evil man pays for his crimes.

Be blessed,


This is a link to a wonderful article written by one of the people in theater 9. I highly encourage you to ready it.

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