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Rays article by Richard Justice

Justice: Tampa Bay Rays have great blueprint | News.

Fantastic read that explains why being a Rays fan is so much easier than being a Jags fan.


Teal Tuesday

I feel compelled to interrupt our normally scheduled blogging for some good old fashioned sports talk. Many of you already know that I’ve made my home in Jacksonville Florida for the last 16 years. On Tuesday of last week we experienced a convergence of Jaguars related news that boggles the mind (literally. Do you know how long it takes to get your mind unboggled… the amount of time is mind boggling as well, so watch out.)

The news is so big that that we need a nickname for the day so that we can always remember that this was the day it all happened.  Henceforth, the last Tuesday in November shall be known as Teal Tuesday and we will use it to celebrate the contributions of Wayne and Deloris Weaver to Jacksonville and also to celebrate the downfall of the long statewide nightmare known as the head coaching career of Jack Del Rio.

Let’s start there. Jack Del Rio is gone. He has been “dismissed” as the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Classy as always Mr. Weaver. Let me paraphrase in my best Donald Trump – Del Rio, Your Fired! I know it’s not nice to feel joy over someone’s misfortune, but I really can’t help myself. I honestly got chills when I got the text message from my friend this morning telling me that Del Rio had gotten the axe (keep chopping wood Del Rio!). I’m serious, I almost got misty eyed in the middle of my business meeting. Del Rio has been so maddening over the last few years. The times weren’t always bad. Once upon a time I supported Jack, but year after year of blaming things on everyone around him would take its toll on the staunchest fan. Read the rest of this entry

Rays Victorious!

You know, last night is in desperate need of a great nickname. Every great sporting event has a nickname. I posted on my Facebook account last night that it was the best night of baseball in the history of the game. I wondered if I was exaggerating, I didn’t feel like it. My gut told me that I would never see anything like it again. I was immensely gratified this morning to hear experts like Buster Olney and Jason Stark say the same thing.

It didn’t start out that way. David Price was terrible early, and I do mean terrible. Price can be a very frustrating pitcher sometimes. He is so amazingly talented, but sometimes it seems like all he wants to do is throw fastballs. Sure, he has a great fastball but you just can’t pump fastball after fastball in to major league hitters. That’s what he did last night. It’s not the first time, but it was definitely the wrong time. When the Rays got down so far so fast it was absolute heart wrenching. I knew that we were going to lose at that point. Then it was just matter of whether or not the Orioles could save our season by beating the Red Sox. Read the rest of this entry

Why I Love Baseball

On a lark, I’m applying for a position for a job with The job will be to watch every game of the upcoming season and blog, vlog, and write about everything that I see. I know the odds are slim, but I’ve always said that if the chance came along to write for a living I would go after it, so I can’t justify ignoring the chance now. The application process requires you to write 2 essays with a 500 word limit. The first essay asks you to tell about yourself and explain why you love baseball. The second gives you a choice to predict some award winners and explain your logic or you can predict the biggest storyline of the year and explain why. I’m going to post both essays because it’s what I’m writing today instead of my previously planned article. Hope you enjoy. Read the rest of this entry

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