Career Development
12/10/11     Decision Making
10/09/11     Living in the World that Is, Not the World You Wish It Was
08/20/11     Your Guide to Avoiding Displacement
07/30/11     Teamwork: Tearing Down the Walls
02/07/11     Interviewing: Inside the Interview
01/29/11     Interviewing: Preparing for an Interview
01/22/11     Interviewing: Your Life is an Interview
01/15/11     Interviewing: Tips from a Manager
01/09/11     Will You Be My Friend?
01/01/11     How to Influence People
11/23/10     I’m On Sale, Are You?

Christian Development
01/21/12     If Tebow were Jesus
01/07/12     New Year’s Resolution
11/05/11     Fear
04/30/11     Never Give up, Never Surrender
04/23/11     Forgiveness
04/17/11     Trial of Faith
04/10/11     Fasting and Breaking Through

Fun Stuff
11/30/11     The 56 best/worst analogies written by high school students
08/13/11     Harry Potter: The End of an Era
07/04/11     Savage Chickens
06/09/11     The Tourist and the Fisherman
12/25/10     Merry Christmas!
11/27/10     Happy Thankgiving
11/14/10     Starting Point

Leadership Development
01/14/12     Employees, Ownership, Leadership and Faith
10/29/11     Leadership Kryptonite: Faking it
07/16/11     Leadership Superpowers – Accountability
07/09/11     Leadership Debate – BIG TEAM or small team
12/22/10     Setting Priorities

Personal Development
02/04/11     Iron Sharpens Iron
02/01/11     From Worrier to Warrior
12/31/11     Dealing with Adversity
11/20/11     Life Lessons from Fantasy Football
11/12/11     The Folly of Youth
10/22/11     Lessons of Life and Death
09/04/11     The Wisdom of Age
07/01/11     The Impact of Routine
06/25/11     Strengthsfinder and Diversity
06/18/11     The Power of an Argument
06/10/11     Courage to Fail pt. 3
05/29/11     Courage to Fail pt. 2
05/22/11     Courage to Fail pt. 1
05/15/11     Listening
12/14/10     Help! I’m Stressing Me Out
12/11/10     Why Are You Here: Closing
12/09/10     Why Are You Here: God’s Will
12/05/10     Why Are You Here: Talent
12/01/10     Why Are You Here: Passions
11/29/10     Why Are You Here: Beginnings
11/27/10     Why Are You Here?
11/21/10     Manager for a Day
11/19/10     Roll With the Punches
11/17/10     Self-Awareness: The Most Important Tool in Your Tool Kit

11/26/11     Wusses, Bastards and Politicians
03/13/11     Fixing the Government: Voters and Candidates
02/26/11     Fixing the US Government: pt1

Real Life
01/28/12     Why Bootstraps?
01/23/12     New Website
11/02/11     Requiem for Carlye
10/15/11     A Case of Overcompensation
10/08/11     The Death of Jobs
09/17/11     Am I Shy?
09/10/11     Dominance (How Jonathan Got His Groove Back)
08/28/11     My Busy Week
07/23/11     Real Healthcare Reform
07/06/11     Why We Care About the Casey Anthony Trial
07/05/11     My Thoughts on the Casey Anthony Verdict
07/04/11     Immigrants and the Greatness of America
04/07/11     I’m Tired
02/14/11     Less Than Human
02/12/11     The World Today
11/20/10     The Truth About the Divorce Rate

12/24/11     Love – Mature and Immature
08/06/11     Taking Birthdays Seriously
01/04/11     The Effect of Weight Loss on My Personality

12/14/11     Rays Article by Richard Justice
12/03/11     Teal Tuesday
09/29/11     Rays Victorious
02/19/11     Why I Love Baseball

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